-o Último Cangaceiro-


ENRICO MASI (1983) is an Italian musician and filmmaker. BA in modern literature and art history, while focusing on art cinema since 2002. He founded Caucaso group in 2004 and shared, directed and scored with it several films, happenings, concerts in both Italy and Europe. His first work is a short-film about the post-modernist features of Defence’s spaces, in Paris: La situation est claire (2007), Khalid (2009), his second documentary, has been presented in various international festivals. Since 2008 he worked at the Department of Education of the University of Bologna, using visual anthropology for field research. He has been involved in several scientific projects with universities such as Paris – Nanterre, UCL, SOAS, Canterbury, always setting his interest for thematic and compulsory space, in the current global events. After the Yorkville Trilogy Experience (2009) in New York and after writing the MA dissertation Immagine Temporanea (2009), he moved to London where he directed and produced The Golden Temple (2012), his debut feature documentary. The film is part of a long term research called Shooting Postmoderno started in 2006 and has been premiered in August 2012 at Venice Film Festival. Lepanto - O Último Cangaceiro is the second chapter of the Mega Events' trilogy, main topic of his Phd project called Tecno Evo.