Lepanto - Ultimo Cangaceiro

Hybrid fiction 71'
Italy/Brasile/U.K. 2016

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Lepanto - Ultimo Cangaceiro is a story of friendship and love. An ode to the human condition, to every man and woman searching their place in a world under invasion.

La battaglia di Lepanto è stata uno scontro epocale tra Impero Ottomano e Lega Santa, per il controllo di Cipro alla fine del ‘500.

L’ episodio rivive oggi nell’immaginario di un regista italiano, che convoca l’amico Mike Wells da Londra per concludere un documentario sul Brasile, assediato da un ambiguo invasore: i mondiali di calcio.

The Olympics are arriving. The Football World Cup is already there. An alien invasion devouring the central and suburban spaces of the city, taking every tiny bit of land in the name of progress.

A clash of two civilizations, the oppressed and the oppressor, fighting for political hegemony.

Lepanto - Ultimo Cangaceiro è un racconto di amicizia e amore, sullo sfondo dell'invasione globalizzante del Mega Evento.

Meanwhile, in the medieval Bologna the resistance blossoms.
Two friends, from two different european cultures, try to create a film, a political tool to tear down the strong walls of this invisible windmill. Only if everyone could see what they see.
They are in risk of losing contact with everyday life. A tale of obsession and dream.

Enrico è ossessionato dal grande evento. Lo intravede dappertutto. Come una visione che lo porta ad  astrarsi dal mondo e a ricreare un universo letterario e fantastico che si sovrappone alla realtà.
Il regista guiderà Mike alla scoperta di una Bologna esoterica e sotterranea, incontrando artisti e diavoli che difenderanno e attaccheranno il documentario. L’arrivo imprevisto di Maria, compagna di Mike, in un momento difficile della loro relazione, produce in Mike un piccolo terremoto di sentimenti, che lo porteranno verso la metamorfosi. 
Un viaggio di trascendenza per diventare l’ultimo cangaceiro, difensore dei popoli, voce narrante del documentario.

Mike Wells featured in a documentary about the Olympic regeneration of London and the processes of gentrification and economic war within it. Its director, Enrico Masi, invites him now to record the voice-over of his new project - a documentary about Brazil.

Arriving in Bologna, Mike doesn’t feel ready to record the voice, and doesn’t think he’s capable of doing a good job. Enrico wants his help in the craft of this political instrument, so he drives him around Bologna, like a Virgílio drives his Dante through the Divine Commedy. Going to the underground tunnels of Bologna, Enrico discovers the problems Mike is going through, and how he misses the energy to solve wider problems and to join complex projects.

To see how an actual actor would act Enrico presents him to Ivano Marescotti. Talking about his political career, soon this cinema and theater actor brings to action his powerful character, taking them around the Piazza Maggiore where the giant screen for Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival is placed.

They arrive on an occupied house against the housing emergency that currently ravages Italy - the central theme of the brazilian documentary.

At dinner, Mike cooks for Enrico, when an unexpected company arrives: Yuri Dini and Olimpia Carlisi, both actors. Yuri questions the value of the project and its utility, while Olimpia and Mike exchange regards. This upsets both our main characters, but Mike is capable of taking Enrico out of there, to work on the film.

The next day while visiting , Mike and Enrico see the vision of a woman resembling Olimpia, Mike asks to return. On the way back they find a double of Marie, Mike’s companion, on the crowded streets of Bologna. Turning away Marie is there, standing right behind him. Back home, now clearly emptier, Marie and Mike have a short talk. They don’t sleep together and Enrico apologizes for pulling him to the abyss, to what Mike answers he misses his boat.

They leave to have a boat ride in the Delta of Goro, where they end up having a small ship wreck. They arrive in a lighthouse where the football world cup is being broadcasted.

durante la battaglia di lepanto


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- 34° Bergamo Film Meeting 2016 - ITALY

Michael J. Wells, Marie Billegrav  Enrico Masi, Inalva Mendes Brito  Paulo Thiago de Mello, Ash Ashaninka  Urutau Guajajara
Enrico Masi
Written and produced by: Stefano Migliore
Subject and research: Alessandra Maisani, Enrico Masi
Production manager: Vincenzo D’Arpe
Cinematographers: Stefano Croci, Giuliana Fantoni
Camera Operators: Gianmarco Rossetti, Stefano De Pieri

Director assistants: João Pedro Amorim, David Biagioni, Gaia Gulizia  Caterina Salvadori, Alessandra Lancellotti
Story consultant: Alberto Gemmi
Editing: Giuseppe Petruzzelis
Sound Designer: Jacopo Bonora
Art Director: Paola Zamagni
Costume Design: Loredana Vidale, Attilio Spanò
Set Photographer: Marcello Bianchi, Jessika Argent
Equipment Supply: LM Service, Movieland
Airplane: Claudio Panighi
Scentific Board: Paolo Demuru, Luigi Guerra, David Garbin, Franco Farinelli, Emma Beseghi, Manuela Gallerani
Original Soundtrack: Zende Music, Laura Loriga, Teresio Testa
Production support: Paolo Marzoni, Laura Corazza, Patrizia Frascà
Production assistant: Mariagrazia Riccio, Caterina Sokota, Jacopino da Livorno, Sebastiano Caceffo
Shooting Format: Pro Res 422, MiniDV, 16 mm
Screening Format: DCP