ITALY, 2010

A lyrical film about the condition of women today.

Un film lirico sulla condizione della donna oggi.

Natalie Shafrir non è andata all’università, è stata in guerra due anni, con il servizio militare obbligatorio che vige in Israele.

Natalie Shafrir did not go to university, she has been at war two years, with compulsory military service, which exists in Israel.

Questa è una storia del presente, che tanto spesso ci dimentichiamo, o non conosciamo perchè il benessere è troppo alto per pensarci.

Natalie di notte  ha raccontato la sua emozione, che abbiamo trascritto il giorno seguente, e questo è il testo del film. Le immagini sono realizzate nelle paludi del Delta del Po.

This is a story of this that so often we forget, or do not know why welfare is too high to think about it. Natalie at night told of his excitement, we have transcribed the following day, and this is the text of the film. The images are made in the marshes of the Po Delta.

Notes from the authors

Nathalie is a twenty year's old girl from Tel Aviv, flown to Europe after two years of compulsory military service, she worked in fashion too back in Tel Aviv.

I was going for an audition at the “Osteria del Sole” with an actress, and she took my attention to say: “What a wonderful place!”
From this chance encounter we were together for one week. During this week we went to the river Po Delta, to shoot a movie on her.

Nathalie comes from a place that is not at all like Europe, paradoxically more American, more consumerist, marked by deep conflicts.
Israel is a very rich nation, placed in the heart of the Mideast, insecure territory par excellence, a western outpost, so who lives there, apart from the holocaust inheritance or the diaspora, is bearer of a culture absolutely cosmopolitan but at the same time very protective.


Directors: Caucaso
Story: Stefano Croci, Enrico Masi e Stefano Migliore
With: Natalie Shafrir
Production: Caucaso Factory
Co-Production: Laboratorio Mela
Production assistants: Laura Corazza, Dora Levai

.Anteprima Galleria White. Fish. Thank. - Ancona, Italy 2011
.Lucca Film Festival 2012