Go Burning Atacama Go


Go burning per webGo Burning Atacama Go focuses mainly on the recovery of pre-existing material, when cinematic surfaces show scratches, aberrations, chromatic defection and other mistakes. A job of mistakes and blending.
The recovery and blending of forgotten parts, like volcanic lava, attempts to be an overcoming of the mere visual moving image, leading to some ancestral organic depths. Akin to pirates of the Twenty-first century.

Go Burning Atacama Go é una riflessione sul concetto di memoria a seguito della violenta scomparsa di un amico.

It is a film based on two tightly combined levels, the first barely technical and based on research, and the second a study in semantics. In such a film, the image tends to be denied, with a consequent condensation of a latent frame, emulating the gaseous state of perception, that gives space to the veil of memory and a considerable reflection of time.

Il film si avvale del recupero di materiale preesistente focalizzandosi sulla ricerca dell'errore filmico(abrasioni, defezioni cromatiche, un foro sulla pellicola, una ripresa mal riuscita).
La suggestione é quella
di immagini negate, che viaggiano verso uno stato lirico e gassoso della percezione.
Un film di sofferenza
necessaria quindi, come superamento al dolore. Un film che definirei come cinema-terapia.

The title, Go Burning Atacama Go, reflects on the landscapes of the Atacama desert, a magical and evocative place, and at the same time a delicate meeting point of astronomic research and victims of Pinochet dictation. The film is shaped between their lyrical and decadent territories, between the pulsar infinity and the ghost of pain. On a more immediate level, it is a film about necessary pain, the one that arises after the violent departure of a friend, Cristian; a film about ecstatic and joyful transparence as a way to go through this pain. A film that can be labeled as cinema-therapy.


Directed and Edited: Alberto Gemmmi
Music and Voice: Anna Bogner
Sound Design: Nicolas Régent
Produced by: Caucaso Factory
In collaboration with: Home Movies - Reggio Emilia
Press Office: Studio Y – Reggio Emilia
Shooting Format: 8mm, Super8, color - b/n
Languages: English
Subtitles: Italian


BEST SPERIMENTAL FILM at Lucca Film Festival 2012
SPECIAL MENTION Yasujiro Ozu Short Film Festival
Festival International Signes de Nuit - Paris
Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Short Film Competiotion
International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2013 "Art of Touch"
Festival Alternative Film/Video - Belgrade
Festival del Cinema Indipendente - Foggia
Filmmakerfest - Milano
Super8 Film Festival - Milano
Analogica Festival - Roma
Boff Cinema Indipendente - Bologna