Suburban Steps to Rockland: The Story of the Ealing Club

UK/ITA 2017

healing sito

On the 17th of march 1962 the Ealing jazz club, commonly known as the Ealing club, was advertised in the UK music press as britain's first rhythm and blues venue.

The list of influential musicians that would become associated with the club is breathtaking; from the Rolling Stones, who met and played their second-ever show at the Ealing club, to the who and Eric Clapton.

The Ealing club became the launchpad for the careers of a golden generation of british rock musicians.

the who ealing club

As of May 2017, the film is complete.

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A production: 62 Films
With the friendly support of: Caucaso Factory
Director: Giorgio Guernier
Script: Giorgio Guernier
Producer: Giorgio Guernier
Executive Producers: Alistair Young, Giorgio Guernier
Director of photography/ Camera operator: Omar Barchetta
Editor: Omar Barchetta
Additional Camera operators: Tomas Lovera, Enrico Masi, Stefano Croci, Beatriz Sastre, Jarrod Bryant, George Tsikos, Harry Wingate.
Shooting Format: Full HD