London film rescue

London Film Rescue is a particular area inside the Caucaso Study Centre for Postmoderno and Environmental Semiology.

Intermittance and marginality, side doors, slums, banlieues and low life profile characters.

Since the beginning of Shooting Postmoderno in 2006, there was a special interest in this strawling periferique part of reality.

Film, in all his different formats, hold the leading dramatic role in this operation.

and as researchers in visual anthropology, astronaut's of present time, primitives of the future,

we have the mission to save and rescue as much film as possible, either in motion or still.


That's The BLACK QUEEN OF JAMAICA as she told us - in LONDON BRIDGE - 35mm - 2006                    The beginning of Shooting Postmoderno, made by Marcello Bianchi - on TELEGRAPH HILL - 35mm