-o Último Cangaceiro-



a film by Enrico Masi



produced by Caucaso

in collaboration with Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna


co-produced by Aplysia and Nordeste



Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom – 2015

Color, 80'




After The Golden Temple, a tale about urban regeneration of London Olympic area, we are back to mega events. This time the dynamics of socio-economic oppression and invasion of native low class population take place in a “developing” Brazil. The film deals with the concepts of order and progress. As the second chapter of the trilogy started with The Golden Temple, Lepanto- O Último Cangaceiro aims for something beyond the mega event.


A story of friendship and love, balanced in between documentary and fiction, reality and dream.



Lepanto- O Último Cangaceiro is a shape-shifter film, fusing documentary and fiction, reality and dream: a fairy tale statement on the urgency for reflection on contemporary society.


After losing his house for the construction of the Olympic Park in London in 2012, Michael is strongly engaged in the resistance campaign to the Games, and accepts the invitation by Enrico to record the voice-over of a documentary about the Brazilian situation. He leaves behind Maria, with whom he has a troubled relationship. Facing a life crisis, Michael finds a shelter in Brazilian culture. Maria is coming over carrying commitment and responsibilities, while Enrico is trying to explain his vision of a magnificent land under the invasion of Mega Events. While learning to be a voice-over person, he progressively releases himself from his fear of death and becomes ready to resist the Oppressor, as he changes into the Last Cangaceiro. As in 1571, during the Battle of Lepanto, the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League fought for Cyprus, today Brazil is the land to be taken, the prize for the battle between two models of society: property developers and big corporations, on one side, housing resistance and human rights defenders, on the other. A global clash of civilizations, the quest for authenticity, different cultures and many purposes. We're not alone on this planet.