November 9th 2016 to February 26th 2017

PIETAS OF THE WIND - La pietà del vento

Exhibition "Carlo Scarpa e il Giappone"
MAXXI - National Museum of the 21st Century Arts
Rome, Italy

January 20th 2017

Lepanto - Ultimo Cangaceiro
Terra sem Males

Cinema Trevi
Rome, Italy

December 16th 2016

The Golden Temple / Discussion

Univeristy of Bologna - Department of Political Science
Bologna, Italy

December 3rd 2016

Historia do Futuro

World premiere - Festival delle Terre
Cinema Trevi - Rome, Italy


November 19th 2016

Sur les Jeux Olympiques

Kings College
London, U.K.

November 5th 2016

PIETAS OF THE WIND - La pietà del vento

Tahoe Underground Film Festival 2016 - official selection
Sierra Nevada College - U.S.A.

October 20th, 27th and November 3rd 2016


Lepanto – último cangaçeiro

Theatrical Release CINEMA ODEON
Bologna, Italy

October 28th 2016

The Golden Temple

Stories of the Anthropocene Festival - Swedish Premiere
Teater Reflex - Stockholm, Sweden

August 6th 2016

Muro Basso

Screening at Teatro di Ligonchio
Appennino Reggiano, Italy


July 22th 2016

PIETAS OF THE WIND - La pietà del vento

Samawa Cinema 2016 - official selection
Samawa - Iraq


July 3rd 2016

Terra Sem Males

Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro - italian premiere
Pesaro - Italy


June 20th 2016

Terra di Confine

Parco ex Manifattura Tabacchi
Bologna, Italy


June 16th 2016

Terra Sem Males

Entretodos Festival of Human Rights - world premiere
Sao Paulo - cine Olido, Brazil

May 12th 2016

PIETAS OF THE WIND - La pietà del vento

14. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Landau - La.Meko 2016 - official selection
Landau in der Pfalz, Germany



May 10th 2016

Muro Basso

Screening at Università di Bologna
via Zamboni 32 - Bologna, Italy


May 9th 2016

Terra di Confine

Cinema ex Bataclan
Bazzano, Italy


March 9-23th 2016

Visioni dalla Terra di Confine

50 anni di pianificazione in Emilia-Romagna
Urban Center - Bologna



March 10th 2016

Lepanto – O último cangaçeiro

Bergamo Film Meeting - official selection
WELT PREMIERE - sala San Marco

February 18th 2016

Zende Music Live

Berlinale Off - Alte Kantine


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